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If you are insulting a girl, even unintentionally, you can expect to be unmatched pretty quickly. Sometimes the line between teasing and insulting can be fine, but as a general rule, play it safe with topics when you do not know her that well. Once you know her and her sense of humor more, avoid topics that you know she is insecure about. She knows you don’t really think her profile is fake, but this is one of the best Tinder opening messages.

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How Intentional Dating Can Help You Find Relationships That Fit Intentional dating can help you find the the right relationships for where you’re at in life. Dating app openers such as this one are critical as to whether your relationship will last. Mary J. Gibson is a contributing editor at

Please confirm you’re not one of those people who claps when the plane lands.

I’m really into sports – I played hockey and baseball as a kid. I think life is all about sharing stories together, about actually living stories instead of just reading about them in books or watching them on screens. I hope to do it much more in the future when I finish my studies. You’ve got a very pretty smile and you seem to be a very smart and friendly girl. I’m really into sports as well and soccer is my favorite!

Avoid mentioning the other person’s appearance because it can make them uncomfortable. Only tell someone they’re beautiful/hot/handsome/an undiscovered supermodel after you’ve met and received the “okay” signals. The real first step is choosing the best topic to talk about from her profile.

” to let me know he wasn’t feeling shaded by my silence or taking it personally. This is yet another great opener that notes an interest I listed on my profile. The smiley face also adds an extra touch that lets me know this guy is a happy, positive person.

Certain metrics are used within the site to match up users, often based on personal characteristics you might have in common, such as education, hobbies, values, goals and more. At VIDA, our dating experts excel at building attraction and intrigue online. We’ll custom write a Bumble profile that attracts the most high-quality men in your area, and handle all the messaging!

Discuss some of the similarities and differences between your childhood homes. Questions such as “What was it like to attend a school that size? ” and “Did your community have any unique quirks like mine? It gives you a reason to compliment them and get to know them better. Plus, it makes you look like someone unafraid of humility. Kick things off with a simple, non-threatening, non-controversial request for their opinion.

Pose questions about causes you support or current events that’re cycling the news. Ponder philosophical quandaries and the possibilities of space together. After all, it’s not what to say with good opening lines, but rather, what not to say.

Most of us love to talk about ourselves, even if we would deny it. When people are listened to, it makes them think more positively of the listener, which is true on Tinder and in real life. Not to mention, there are plenty of annoying guys on dating apps who aren’t interested in listening at all. These good Tinder openers can make you stand out from the rest of the pack. In case dating wasn’t difficult enough, our social lives were upended by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Just don’t push too hard to get them to share a mortifying story. You have to get people’s attention and find ways to keep it despite a hectic schedule. Whether you or they make the first move, you’ll need conversation starters that work. And no conversation means never learning whether there’s compatibility. The key to a unique opening line is that it makes the person think because they can’t give the standard responses they’ve gotten used to.

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