BTOB Sungjae Dating Rumor: Did You Know That The ‘Missing You’ Singer Was Linked To DIA Jueun?


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Seulgi’s ideal type is “always changing” as she mentioned, but has been narrowed down to actorsJi Sung and Jo Jung Suk. She watched both actors’ K-Dramas and fell in love with the roles they played. Specifically, Seulgi explained she likes guys with whom she can hold a conversation. Post-debut, Irene was involved in a dating rumor with actor Park Bo Gum. She appeared onRadio Starand mentioned that she didn’t know the two of them were rumored to be dating. Yook Sungjae then proceeded to drink from his cup that had a secret message to his fans about the dating rumor.

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It appears the former model made a smooth transition from rock star’s wife to successful entrepreneur. He has both officially dated and allegedly dated some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. “Well, when I’m single I’m one guy, and when I’m in a relationship I’m totally another,” Lee once told Rolling Stone.

Minhyuk also starred in the web-dramas ‘Nightmare Teacher’ and ‘Unexpected Heroes’. “As for being considerate, I’m pretty considerate so it’s okay if he isn’t. And I want someone whose smile shows what a good person he is,” said Wendy. J-Hope is currently single and since being a member of BTS he hasn’t been linked to any dating rumours. Whilst V is currently single, he’s the only member of BTS whose official relationship status has been discussed openly by their management Big Hit Entertainment. Unlike the rest of BTS, Suga has managed to avoid really becoming embroiled in any public dating rumours and has stated that he’s too busy to date.

After the debut, Irene was occupied in a dating rumor with actor Park Bo Gum. She made her presence on Radio Star and mentioned that she didn’t know the two of them were rumored to be dating. Way back on July 13, 2018, a rumor about BTOB Changsub dating a musical actress stirred after a video of the two together was uploaded online. The video particularly shows the two looking close with their arms linked while descending the stairs. Even when she appeared onWe Got Married with BTOB‘s Sungjae, the two did not end up involved in any dating rumors. After rookie singer-songwriterDEMIAN shared his own experience with an especially rough breakup, Peniel revealed that all his relationships ended in the complete opposite way.

In the past, Yeri openly revealed that her one and only ideal type is actor Jo In Sung. In various interviews, she showered her passion for the handsome actor and said she followed all his shows ever since she was young. Since I was younger, I’ve watched everything he was in,” said Yeri. The chemistry between the two was unmatched and fans started looking for award show interactions and more between Sungjae and Joy until much after the show ended. But, back in 2021, Joy announced that she was dating P Nation’s solo artist Crush and put an end to the hopes of all “Sungjoy” shippers. Now with Sungjae finally back from the military and ready to star in the upcoming K-drama ‘The Golden Spoon’ alongside other BTOB projects, fans of the idol have a new rumor to tackle.

Who is J-Hope dating?

Many fans are happy for the idol, while many have asked the haters and trolls to leave the two alone whether they are dating or not. Some fans even pointed out that the two might just be friends and were just hanging out. While there have been no real statements made about these speculations, fans continue to grow suspicious about the pair’s relationship.

I can’t help but think I’d make a great girlfriend,” revealed Joy. Even when she appeared on We Got Married with BTOB‘s Sungjae, the two weren’t a part of any dating rumors. She fell for him after watching a video clip of him singing “Lonely Night” and dancing to it”, said Joy. With the fans indirectly spotting Sungjae on a ‘date’ with an influencer, the rumors of BTOB’s Sungjae dating a social media influencer are all over the k-pop town. The rumored girlfriend of BTOB’s Sungjae is a popular social media influencer. While fans who noticed the similarities did dig out some clues about the two stars dating.

Listen to Peniel share the wholesome reason he can remain friends with his exes. When Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choivoiced her thought that Peniel would be no-nonsense about a breakup, he agreed but left them surprised by saying that he remained friends with all of his ex-girlfriends. “What’s wrong with this? It’s better to have a normal person as a girlfriend.” “They have possibly broken up if they even dated for real. This is because those posts are so old.” The netizen’s post is still up as of this writing and currently has more than 400,000 views. In the comments section, the other online community users gave mixed reactions.

The idol also talked about how he’ll escort her to places she wanted to go. While the idol has not been in a public relationship, Sungjae and Red Velvet’s Joy received the Best On-screen couple award from MBC in 2015 for their performance on the variety show ‘We Got Married’. Hearing the voice, some BTOB fans pointed out that the man’s voice seemed very similar to Sungjae’s. As the fans went on to stalk Sungjae and looked through the idol’s recent activities, they found more clues to support their claim.

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We are one of the world’s fastest growing media-tech companies with hubs around the world. MEAWW brings you the best content from its global team of reporters on a platform technologically tailored to meet the needs of the modern reader. Lee is the first member of his group to release a solo album, “bpm 82.5” in Japan, which contained the lead single “At the End”. A project called Piece of BTOB was then launched, featuring each member recording solo projects each month. The following year, they released their first full-length album “Complete”, and the title track “It’s Okay” reached the top of several music charts in the country. They then worked on their seventh EP, “I Mean” and by the years’ end, they got multiple nominations during the Seoul Music Awards and the Golden Disc Awards.

“At first, we’d be very low-key about it,” she said of her fling with the actor. “And then we finally said, ‘What the hell are we doing?’ And we’d hug and hold hands,” the model revealed. The matter started when fans noticed a voice that sounded like Sungjae’s in a famous influencer’s Instagram Story. The influencer who will henceforth be known as Ms. A, had been playing golf in the story.