The Blind Side Essay


After watching this movie, I am still confused about what the viewer is supposed to see? It doesn’t entertain , it doesn’t provide a message and it doesn’t even excel at being a good romantic comedy. It seems that through using an old clichéd storyline , a twist is put upon this but whether that pays off, really is a different story.

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The Blind Side Essay (Movie Review)

This is a comedy about a blind guy realising that he has never had any taste of women, and hence searches for his first love. Danny Valdessecchi is blind and everybody likes him. Girls think he’s hot and his psychiatrist Dr. Evans can’t stop stripping in front of him. His inappropriate limo-driving brother Larry keeps trying to set him up to lose his virginity. He volunteers for experimental brain surgery to regain his eyesight. Leeza is the new receptionist at the medical office.

Bored to tears with inane, soulless action movies – I want something that either makes me think, or makes me feel good. Since I am thoroughly enjoying watching French movies, this movie is just another delightful watch that makes your heart cry out in joy. The plot is thin, but the acting’s great and you really become interested in the characters. Also quite a wry comment on how our very “open” society in effect isolates people by the overuse of gadgets . There are no featured reviews for Blind Date because the movie has not released yet (). There are no featured reviews for Un peu, beaucoup, aveuglèment !

Story of an estranged couple who are desperately trying to reconcile after the tragic death of their daughter. Unable to face either their grief or each other, they go a series of “blind dates”, each placing personal ads in the paper and pretending to be strangers when they meet. They do this over and over again, playing a series of different roles, in an attempt to overcome the pain and rebuild their shattered relationship. Like last week’s dismal Whiteout, Blind Dating has spent the last couple of years languishing in a vault awaiting a release on these magnificent shores. A lightbulb must have materialised above a studio mogul’s head when the movie’s then-unknown star Chris Pine recently shot to prominence as James Kirk in J.J .Abrams’s Star Trek reboot. So the stage was nicely set for Blind Dating to show us that there was life before Tiberius.

She falls for him but chooses her fiancée over him for cultural reasons. Danny and Leeza are separated and go through some ups and downs but ultimately they end up together. For a keen viewer, the movie also develops the theme of love and family. The nature of life is such that people do not have a choice of who comprise their families.

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I can relate to the film in many ways so I feel that I can connect to this movie on a personal level. The film The Blind Side touches base on the concept that despite your circumstances, success is still in your journey. Laura recently divorced, is XDating encouraged by both her therapist, Beth (Vivica A. Fox,) and her daughter, Hannah, to get back into the dating game. While hesitant at first, Laura registers for an online blind dating service and gets an incoming message from a man named Kevin.

“The Blind Side Essay .” IvyPanda, 19 June 2022, This unfortunate reality has for long refused to die out of American culture. The treatment accorded to Michael’s foster parents when they go looking for him in the projects, is unacceptable and one that modern parents would not want their children to grow having knowledge of. The comments made towards Leigh Anne during Michael’s adoption talks also give a clear indication of various perceptions that American people still have towards each other. In the movie, challenges of poverty, racial discrimination, as well as drug and substance abuse are evident and well explored. Modern American society identifies as one that adores drugs, looks down upon people from poor backgrounds, as well as a society still incensed in the old habit of treating people based on color of their skin .

Language includes “s–t,” “crap,” “d–k,” “damn it,” “balls,” and “ass.” Adults drink wine and beer. Definitely not the best or even better than average. OK, I guess if you like action, horror or sci-fi you are right out of luck – but this is a really enjoyable movie. The start was a bit off-target for me and I thought it was going to be very slap-stick but actually it turned out it was making a few points about how kids deal with differences . From then if started to contrast the way adults deal with disabilities like blindness, but not in a heavy way, always using humour – until it came to love – then it changed the approach again.

I think this got bit in the butt by a low budget and honestly it was kind of sophomoric… It’s a romance without “big boy pants.” So I neither recommend it nor swear you off it completely.. Just keep your expectations low and they will be met. The family was so hodgepodge looking that it was distracting- yeah right they are brothers, yeah right that’s his dad… They won’t be able to see your review if you only submit your rating. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account.

What begins as a clever “what-if” deepens into a poem about what really matters when people fall in love. What they believe and how they behave matter far more than their superficial exteriors. As a director, Cornillac handles the wall as a helpful device — sometimes comic, sometimes dramatic — in the furtherance of the romance.

Michael moves back to his foster parents’ house and plans of joining college get underway. The movie ends with Michael bidding farewell to his foster family. He focuses on his football career while in college and grows into an all star left tackler .

Blind Date was an early showcase for actress Ann Sothern, who had recently been signed to a contract with Columbia Pictures. Sothern, who is at her loveliest in the film, was still working towards the stardom that would find her a few years later at rival studio MGM. Blind Date is a charming romance starring Ann Sothern as Kitty, a hardworking switchboard operator who is engaged to auto mechanic Bob . When Bob opens his own garage, the demands of running his own business soon take a toll on his relationship with Kitty. Frustrated, Kitty agrees to go on a blind date with Bill , the wealthy son of a department store titan.