Welcome to MEDCURA

Welcome to the Medcura Health Care, the integrated one & only Modern and Unani Medical Centre at Bangalore

We offer you a perfect harmony between Allopathic & Unani (alternative medicine) combined with medical & wellness treatments made for you.

Our Experts Work “HAND IN HAND” and combine old and new knowledge from different cultures & era’s to achieve our goal.          – Your WELL BEING



Cupping (Hijama)

Treatment performed for the following:
Osteoarthritis, Obesity, Facial treatments etc…

Hirudo – Therapy

Treatment performed for the following:
Varicose Veins, Musculo-skeletal diseases, Gynaecological disorders, Chronic skin diseases, E.N.T disorders etc,.


Treatment performed for the following:
Mental health, Insomnia, depression, Migraine, Hemiplegia Arthritis, Lower backache, Malancholia, Dysmenorrhea, etc.


Our VISION is to promote excellence in patient care with Modern & Unani Medicine, ensuring innovative health care services.


Our MISSION is to provide efficacious, safe and cost effective healthcare solutions through creative applications of Unani &   Modern medicine.

To provide a range of primary health care services through Modern & Unani System of Medicine to the suffering humanity.